Odeya – "Who has Made Me According to His Will" – Femininity | Renewal | Inner Self

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Meet your femininity

Discover the depth of your beauty

Know your body's secrets

Connect to your inner experience

Learn to accept yourself with love

Build a foundation for future relationships

New! For religiously observant couples


A fun card game for married couples
For developing intimacy and dialogue concerning marital relations

Workshops | Lectures | Personal coaching

Odeya Van-Leeuwen
Guidance counselor, coach and Kallah teacher, sexual advisor



A card game encouraging dialogue about femininity & adolescence with teenage girls, touching on both physical & emotional development. The cards address multiple questions which girls at this age grapple with, and strengthen the connection between mothers & daughters, teachers & students (can also assist professionals with their patients). Cards are in English & Hebrew. Instructions and ideas for use are included in the pack.


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?Who am I

Odeya Van-Leeuwen, married and mother of six, resident of Ofra

Educational counselor (M.Ed.) | Sexual advisor (graduate of Machon Puah) | Women's body-soul coach | Workshops for girls, young adults & women on healthy sexuality and femininity, coping with a world of abundance, nutrition and body image | creator of the "Connections" card game for enhancing & encouraging intimate conversation between husband and wife| 15 years of experience as a bride/singles teacher 

In an era where intimacy is all but obsolete, I see a sacred mission in strengthening femininity and intimate relationships between married couples, in order to restore the holy, natural and healthy love and help it grow rather than diminish. I believe in nurturing healthy femininity as a foundation to a wholesome and holy intimate relationship

Distribution points in Israel: Modiin, Beit Shemesh, Tzfat, Gush Etzion, Bnei Brak and Jerusalem. For more details, call Odeya at +972 52 311 5344